“This is my new go to VST for bells, kalimba, bases… This plugin has everything on it” – Chu

Discover Pendora V3.0 :

With Pendora, discover new musical colours created especially to take your music to the next level.

Pads, bells, orchestras to a banjo, Pendora will allow you to produce a lot of music.
What’s more ? Its sound bank is upgradeable and you’ll receive free new packs of presets to boost your inspiration.

If you want to acquire inspiring sounds, without spend hundreds of euros on a new computer, Pendora is also made for you.

Our developers have concentrated their efforts on optimizing Pendora. So it uses very little part of Cpu and Ram even if you open 10 on the same project. (20 Pendora takes approximately 500 Mb of Ram and 10% of Cpu in a I5-8400)

These youtubers of thousands subscribers use Pendora :

Osheen (100k subs)

Chu (90k subs)

Justin Omoi (100k subs)

Lucent (30k subs)

CSPM (25k Subs)

Prod by Jack (30k subs)

Geortz (10k Subs)

Reemau (38k Subs)