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Ben Taylor

The French Youtuber Purppwon used our VST on his last video !

Yesterday we wrote an article which talks about the video of the french youtuber Dave, because he uses our VST Pendora in his videos. Today we will talk about the French Youtuber Purppwon, because he has released a new video with Pendora. This Youtuber has already made a video where he presents our VST few months ago, he really appreciated Pendora so he presented it again in his last video.

The presets he used :

With more than 275 Presets, the youtuber had the choice, he finally used these presets :

  • Keys Evil 🎹 : For the first preset, Purppwon wanted a dark sound. Our preset “Keys Evil” is a interesting choice because this piano has a dark ambience which match with the Melody that he wants. He also added the “halftime” effect to improve the atmosphere.
  • Pad Choices β›… : After the Keys, the french youtuber used the pad “choices”. This simple pad with a reverb match with the first melody by making it a little brighter.
  • Xylophone Toy : The 3rd preset he used is the Xylophone “Toy”, but he put it at low volume.
  • Voice Nature 🌳 : To finish the melodies, Purppwon added the Voice “Nature”, he has put a lot on reverb and EQ on the Voice and he played it with very high and low pitch.

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Thanks Dave for using Pendora on his youtube videos !

Few days ago, the French Youtuber Dave has released a video on his youtube channel. But this video is a little bit special because he talks about our VST Pendora. The video was very appreciated and it already has thousands of views πŸ‘€. He also made a beat with our VST to test it and the result was particularly approved by the viewers in the comments. 😊

The presets that Dave used in the video :

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Pendora is now available for mac !

For two years our team has been working on the mac version of our VST Pendora. This version required to our developpers a lot of time, especially to make the plugin available on Macs with M1 computers. Few weeks ago we finally finished this version. We took the time to make a lot of tests for several weeks to ensure that it works properly.

Why it’s important for us to have a Mac version ?

This release is a good news for the future of out VST and our company. Dozens of people asked us when our VST will be available on Mac. That’s also a good news for all the youtubers who use Pendora. A lot of youtubers have used our plugin like CrΓ©er sa propre musique, Chu, Lucent, ProdbyJack or Seventh’ Beats (the full list is long πŸ˜‚) and some of them also received several messages or comments asking when the mac version would be available.

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Hello, we just release the Lite Version of Pendora.

This version have 150+ Presets (Full version have 250+ and soon 300).

This version cost 99€

Pendora Lite

You can buy Pendora Lite here

Since the last pack release we got a lot of suggestions for the free new packs of presets. We try to satisfy the customers ideas as well as possible !

For this pack, the people suggestions says in majority that they wants bells, synths, voices and Grandpianos sounds, so we were careful to put this presets on this pack.

This pack have 50+ Presets and it’s 100% free for Pendora’s Customers.

It have new types of instruments like a Kalimba, a Oboe or 3 Grandpianos 😁

Hello, we want to tell us that the 2nd free expansion of Pendora is in progress, but we can’t release it this year because of COVID-19 πŸ˜₯.

But we will try to we will try to release it for January/February πŸ™ƒ

For this expansion we want to add instruments like grandpianos, guitar, kalimba (in the image below) so it takes more time and this is delayed due to covid-19 pandemic.

This Kalimba is in the next free expansion πŸ”₯

This expansion will have 50+ Presets, like the first πŸ’₯

We have also created a newsletter :

Hello, we make this post to say that we are working on the 2nd Free Preset Pack of Pendora.

We can’t give a release date but we will try to release it this year ?.

If you have purchased Pendora VST, you can say us which types of presets do you want in the expansion here :

We have released 2 free bonuses with our vst pendora, the Pendora Producer Kit and the Pendora Fx Pack :

Content of the Pendora Producer Kit

100+ Drums/Fx

30+ Midi/Loops

7 Mix/Master Presets for FL/Ozone

Content of the Pendora Fx Pack

50+ Fx

We Hope you will enjoy it !

For the release of Pendora Expansion 1, we have released a new trailer in our youtube channel.

Pendora Expansion 1 Trailer

Pendora Expansion 1 is the new free expansion of Pendora for all people who bought and who will buy Pendora VST.

If you bought Pendora before the expansion and didn’t receive the expansion download email, check your spam, then contact us with the email you used for payment.