New free bonuses with Pendora 🔥

We have released 2 free bonuses with our vst pendora, the Pendora Producer Kit ans the Pendora Fx Pack :

Content of the Pendora Producer Kit

100+ Drums/Fx

30+ Midi/Loops

7 Mix/Master Presets for FL/Ozone

Content of the Pendora Fx Pack

50+ Fx

We Hope you will enjoy it 😉!

New Trailer for Pendora VST Expansion !

For the release of Pendora Expansion 1, we have released a new trailer in our youtube channel.

Pendora Expansion 1 Trailer

Pendora Expansion 1 is the new free expansion of Pendora for all people who bought and who will buy Pendora VST.

If you bought Pendora before the expansion and didn’t receive the expansion download email, check your spam, then contact us with the email you used for payment.

Pendora Expansion 1 is now available

Since the V3 release we got a lot of suggestions for the free new packs of presets. We try to satisfy the customers ideas as well as possible.

For this pack, the people suggestions says in majority that they wants bells and plucky sounds, brass and trumpet sounds, synths and voices, so we were careful to put this presets on this pack.

This pack have 50+ Presets and it’s 100% free for Pendora’s Customers

Pendora Expansion 1 now available

If you have buy Pendora and you want to give suggestions for the pack (for example you want more plucks or strings) you can at :

Pendora V3.0 Release + Trailer

We just release the 3.0 version of Pendora. For the release of this version and our new website, we have made our first trailer.

You can see the first trailer of Pendora here :