Is Pendora compatible with my DAW ? Pendora works with all DAW who supports VST and AU (so all used DAW)

What is the disk size of Pendora ? The Windows Version Installer is 2 gb and Pendora takes about 5 gb

How Many Preset Have Pendora ? 150+ in the factory library and 100+ in the Expansion 1, 2, 3. So 275+ Presets (150+ in lite version).

Can I sell Beats and made major placements with the sounds of Pendora ? All our Products are 100% Royalties Free if you buy it so you can use it for sell beat or made placements.

Is this website secure ? This Website uses https and SSL protocol so this is 100% secure. The payments uses Paypal/Stripe so this is encrypted and secure payments. Tiger-Sounds doesn’t have acces to your payment infos.

I have launch the installer, but nothing happens. The installer makes 2 GB so it can takes 30 secondes to be loaded (more on computers without SSD). Verify that you run it as a admin if you have multi-accounts in your computer.

If I buy Pendora, will I get lifetime acces to it ? Of course, except if you make illegal use with it (like sending to others people)

If you have problems you can contact us at : contact@tiger-sounds.com (Don’t contact Youtubers who show the vst)