Is Pendora Available for MacOS ? Pendora isn’t available in MacOS now.

Is Pendora compatible with my DAW ? Pendora works with all DAW who supports VST (so all used DAW)

What is the disk size of Pendora ? The Windows Version Installer is 2gb and Pendora takes about 4gb

How Many Preset Have Pendora ? 150+ in the factory library and 50+ in the Expansion 1. So 200+ Presets

Can I sell Beats and made major placements with the sounds of Pendora ? All our Products are 100% Royalties Free if you buy it so you can use it for sell beat or made placements.

Is this website secure ? This Website uses https and SSL protocol so this is 100% secure. The payments uses paypal/stripe so this is encrypted and secure payments. Tiger-Sounds doesn’t have acces to your payment infos

I have launch the installer, but nothing happens. The installer makes 1.5 GB so it takes 30 secondes to be loaded (more on computers without SSD). Verify that you run it as a admin if you have multi-accounts in your computer.

If you have problems you can contact us at : contact@tiger-sounds.com (Don’t contact Youtubers who show the vst)