After 2 years, Pendora is now available for Mac

After 2 years, Pendora is now available for Mac

Pendora is now available for mac !

For two years our team has been working on the mac version of our VST Pendora. This version required to our developpers a lot of time, especially to make the plugin available on Macs with M1 computers. Few weeks ago we finally finished this version. We took the time to make a lot of tests for several weeks to ensure that it works properly.

Why it’s important for us to have a Mac version ?

This release is a good news for the future of out VST and our company. Dozens of people asked us when our VST will be available on Mac. That’s also a good news for all the youtubers who use Pendora. A lot of youtubers have used our plugin like Crรฉer sa propre musique, Chu, Lucent, ProdbyJack or Seventh’ Beats (the full list is long ๐Ÿ˜‚) and some of them also received several messages or comments asking when the mac version would be available.

Since the beginning we try to create a vst which is very complete, have a lot of quality presets (like bells, kalimba, pianos, pads and more…) while being accessible to everyone via a low CPU consumption. The mac version will make our vst accessible to everyone so all our team is very excited.

Pendora on MacOS availability :

All versions of our plugin (lite, classic and unique) are available for MacOS. Of course the bonuses like Drumkits, Fx Pack or Midi pack are also working on Mac. We already sent the mac version of pendora to all our existing customers whithout any extra cost (unlike some other companies ๐Ÿ˜ณ). All our new clients will also receive the Windows and the Mac version after purchasing the VST. We hope that the the availability on mac will satisfy a lot of people.

The Mac OS version is available to everybody since the 1st April. We are happy to see that we already have several users ๐Ÿ˜‰

Pendora VST now available on windows and mac

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