Thanks to Dave for using Pendora on youtube

Thanks to Dave for using Pendora on youtube

Thanks Dave for using Pendora on his youtube videos !

Few days ago, the French Youtuber Dave has released a video on his youtube channel. But this video is a little bit special because he talks about our VST Pendora. The video was very appreciated and it already has thousands of views πŸ‘€. He also made a beat with our VST to test it and the result was particularly approved by the viewers in the comments. 😊

The presets that Dave used in the video :

In this video Dave used several presets of our VST :

  • Organ Hammond : For this production, the French youtuber has decided to start with this preset. He said that it can’t find this type of preset in many vst so it’s a interesting thing for him.
  • Keys Grandpiano 3 🎹: To continue the production, he used one of the pianos to play low notes.
  • Bass Deep : He used this preset for piano accompaniment.
  • Guitar Nylon 🎸: Dave wanted to add an instrument which sounds good with the organ. He chose this preset and he played arpeggios which sounds good with the main melody
  • Voice Angel 1 : The last preset he used is a voice, he added the grossbit effect on it to add rhythm.

The YouTube video of Dave :

Here is the video of Dave (there is a surprise in the video πŸ˜‰)

Little correction : In the video dave says that the vst is not available. The video was released before the mac version so it’s normal. The MacOS version of Pendora is now available.

Pendora is particularly appreciated in France !

These last days, many French youtubers like Fallafel, Purppwon or Aeron have talked about the Pendora in video, and the French users appreciate a lot our VST. We will also dedicate articles to them on our website. We are happy to see that our VST is used by more and more people.

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