The Youtuber Purppwon released a new video with our VST Pendora

The Youtuber Purppwon released a new video with our VST Pendora

The French Youtuber Purppwon used our VST on his last video !

Yesterday we wrote an article which talks about the video of the french youtuber Dave, because he uses our VST Pendora in his videos. Today we will talk about the French Youtuber Purppwon, because he has released a new video with Pendora. This Youtuber has already made a video where he presents our VST few months ago, he really appreciated Pendora so he presented it again in his last video.

The presets he used :

With more than 275 Presets, the youtuber had the choice, he finally used these presets :

  • Keys Evil 🎹 : For the first preset, Purppwon wanted a dark sound. Our preset “Keys Evil” is a interesting choice because this piano has a dark ambience which match with the Melody that he wants. He also added the “halftime” effect to improve the atmosphere.
  • Pad Choices ⛅ : After the Keys, the french youtuber used the pad “choices”. This simple pad with a reverb match with the first melody by making it a little brighter.
  • Xylophone Toy : The 3rd preset he used is the Xylophone “Toy”, but he put it at low volume.
  • Voice Nature 🌳 : To finish the melodies, Purppwon added the Voice “Nature”, he has put a lot on reverb and EQ on the Voice and he played it with very high and low pitch.

The video of Purppwon :

Here is the last video of Purppwon :

The result :

At the end on the video, we can hear the beat finished. The youtuber has tested it with an accappella which gave a result that the viewers liked a lot (just look at the comments). The youtuber has also a little surprise for the people who wants to buy Pendora 🤫. We are happy to see that the french (and the world 😉) community uses our VST, in the next few days we will talk about another french youtuber who used Pendora 😊.

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